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Power plants screw ORC – URE. New electricity generation. Converts thermal energy into electricity.

This power machine converts thermal oil fluid into electricity. The organic fluid of the ORC system captures, in the exchanger, thermal oil heat, transforming the fluid into pressurized steam that delivers engine power to the expander screw, generating electricity.

Forest biomass chip (CO2 neutral) allows low-emission cogeneration standard that fulfill the objectives of energy policy on environmental protection with Non-Conventional Renewable Energies, URE.


  • Forest Biomass
  • Geothermal
  • Waste steam
  • Gases
  • Hot water
  • Other thermal industrial process fluids


  • The expansion screw is especially designed to work with high efficiency, high reliability, low noise and continuous 24/7 service.
  • Both female and male screw rotors attached with high precision which avoids flow losses, operating at low temperature and pressure.
  • Screw isotropic mechanical efficiency is over 85%, as in this application.
  • Greater efficiency is more isotropic thermal efficiency.
  • Lifespan over 20 years cliclo ORC working in a closed, clean circuit.
  • More generation with less time ROI.
  • Zero emission operation with waste heat from industrial processes.
  • CHP: Electric Power, ACS, heating, drying processes.


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