WKV 11 - 160 Kw

Scroll Oil Free Compressors Serie WKV 11 – 160
KW Flujo 6,8 – 96 m3/min   Vacuum 29.9 inHg

  • High volume vacuum KW
  • Starter SOFT, start / soft stop without charge, eliminates mechanical stress, saves energy.
  • Low speed screws
  • Forced oil lubrication
  • Electronic control panel
  • High efficiency motors


  • Central vacuum hospitals, laboratories.
  • Paper, industrial printing of newspapers, magazines, labels, stickers.
  • Wood, wood processing processes, and manufacturing CNC cutting, thermoforming, extrusion, materials handling.
  • Food processing and packaging of poultry, coffee, cheese, vacuum cooling of agricultural products.
  • Meat, vacuum packaging, filling and sealing
  • Electronics, catching and transportation devices, printed circuit manufacturing, central vacuum system.
  • Pharmaceutical, degassing of creams and powders, filling the vacuum filtering.
  • Vacuum materials handling, automatic test equipment, collector materials, transportation of bulk material.


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